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Interested in our services but need more information? We have provided several documents that further detail the solutions and resources that FMS provides.

  • Challenges with Face-to-Face

    HCPro, a division of BLR, recently released an article on Home Health agencies and the challenges they still face after F2F narrative is nixed. In the March 2015 issue of Homecare Direction, one of HCPro’s monthly publications for home health and hospice providers, DeAnn Briscoe, Senior Education...   Read more

  • Challenges with Face-to-Face - a Follow-up

    HCPro, a division of BLR, recently released an article on Home Health agencies and the challenges they still face after F2F narrative is nixed.     Read more

  • Coding Audits Brochure

    Home care coding is one area in which you simply can’t afford to make mistakes. Read more about it or download our brochure.   Read more

  • Coding Woes and Dilemmas

    In the current home care climate, a laser focus on reimbursement and efficiently managing care is the top priority. Seven years of cuts have forced the industry to look at expenses in a different way and to find cost savings anywhere possible.  One of the dilemmas many owners and administrators...   Read more

  • FREE CMS Pre-Claim Review Demonstration Update & Suggestions for Getting Ahead

    Join Marcylle Combs to discuss the CMS pre-claim review demonstration and suggestions on strategies for getting ahead.  Your agency can start preparing now!    Read more

  • M1309 Reporting Algorithm

    See attachment for full Reporting Algorithm.   Read more

  • OASIS Vaccine Review: Influenza & Pneumococcal

    OASIS Vaccine Review: Influenza & Pneumococcal by Rhonda Crawford, BSN, RN, CHCE, HCS-D, HCS-O, COS-C   Read more

  • OASIS-C1: Love at First Sight

    Hi! I’m Rhonda…and I am an OASIS junkie. Since the mid-1990s – long before collection was mandated – I have been an avid student and educator of the Outcomes and Assessment Information Set & its accompanying guidance. Consequently, this week when the draft version of the...   Read more

  • Overcome Coding Challenges

    The Advantages of Outsourcing  Home health reimbursement is dependent in part on accurate coding. In turn, accurate coding depends wholly on the expertise of the person completing the primary and secondary diagnoses. In today’s home health environment much is asked of the clinician. In addition...   Read more

  • Coding to Go Brochure

    Under the current reimbursement system, there is no margin for error. FMS has the solution for accurate home care coding, sequencing, and optimal reimbursement.      Read more

  • The Necessity of a Corporate Compliance Program in Home Health and Hospice

     The Office of Inspector General published Compliance Program Guidance for Home Health Agencies August 7, 1998 and Guidance for Hospices October 5, 1999. These guidelines remain voluntary for home care and hospice as the OIG has not yet issued a regulation requiring Compliance Plans. However, now...   Read more

  • Transitioning to ICD-10 in Home Health

    The World Health Organization developed ICD-10 for worldwide use and over twenty countries have been using the ICD-10 classification system for more than a decade. October 1, 2013 finally brings the system to the United States. Among other things, it will give the United States the ability to share health...   Read more

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