Product Bundle: Probe & Educate ADR Cheat Sheets

ADRs are a confusing process! FMS has bundled 2 of our most popular cheat sheets to help navigate the ADR response process.

CMS has directed MACs to select a sample of 5 claims for pre-payment review from each home health agency. As they are completing the Probe & Education review, MACs will be focusing on your compliance with MLN Matters SE1524 as well as making sure all other requirements are met.  

  • ADR Cheat Sheet - This cheat sheet is a helpful tool in identifying the important elements and requirements of the ADR process. It also includes an ADR worksheet to help you through the process.
  • Face-to-Face Encounters Cheat Sheet - This four-page tool includes a description of the regulatory requirements (the “when, who, what” details) as well as useful F2F facts & tips including exceptions and special circumstances.  This tool also contains detailed instruction for documentation of “late” F2F situations.

Topic: Operational

Product Bundle: Probe & Educate ADR Cheat Sheets

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